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One of my favorite dresses in my closet is from Mah Collection. It's a black, knee-length, silk dress with a beautiful design pattern in the arms which are beautifully sewn. It was love at first sight. In the beginning, I was apprehensive as it was not my usual style but when I tried it on and the fact that the fabric is silk and I felt so comfortable but elegant at the same didn't give space for second thoughts. Sometimes we women have to try out an outfit, to see how it looks on us. For me, the most important thing is to feel both beautiful and comfortable in my clothes. Mah Collection achieves that as I feel comfortable but at the same time attractive and elegant in a signature piece dress. I like the fact that they are not mass production brand and they always work hard with new designs and collections.

Ellie Lasthiotaki

Mah Collection is a vibrant, exquisite, brand. Every piece is both elegant and easy to wear, both feminine and comfortable, making you feel like walking on clouds and feeling the earth in the same time. It’s not for every woman. It’s only for those who can express themselves as they are, powerful and vulnerable, sensible but strong, sophisticated but simple.

Oana Scarlat

I love MAH Collection and I’m happy with all my pieces. They are unique, feminine, flattering on all body types which I appreciate being plus size. The clothes travel well and are easily dressed up or worn casually. I went to get a special dress for a wedding (which I found) and have returned for additional dresses and flowing cover-ups. I’ll be a life long customer.

Beth Hollahan "Decide what to be and go be it."

Ondina creates fashion that delves into different cultures. Her references dig into Asian references such as Japan or Kazakhstan with a modern twist. All of then with a lightness of being that reflects her bubbly personality and her imagination!

Isabelle Miaja owner Miaja Gallery

I like how it flows and is very comfortable. The design is well thought out paying attention to details like the beading and the prints. Also, in terms of range of Color there’s something for all. From pastels to strong colors. It’s a statement piece. The combination of colors too are important. Quality plays a big part as well, the silk quality is good and really comfortable on the skin. I think you are inspired a lot by travel as well just like me and I love wearing the pieces. I remember when we first met you were still pregnant and I thought wow what a lovely kaftan you were wearing, then I realised you were wearing one of your pieces! The green jungle one ❤

Petrina Loh | Chef Owner Morsels

I got to know the brand since the first collection. I loved it. Classic, beautiful, modern, creative, original. Since that first time I tried the clothes on, until now (3 years?), I still feel amazing on MAH and, I always come back, when I have a special occasion to wear beautiful clothes. Also, I love inviting my friends to join me to the studio, so they can also fall inlove with this beautiful brand.

Angela Vargas

MAH is exquisite. I absolutely LOVE the brand. The fabrics and patterns are amazing and stand out from anything else I have in my closet. All the pieces are simply so unique - you can see the creativity that had been put in making each product. Every time I wear a MAH piece I always get compliments and people ask me where it’s from. I’ve had a MAH bag for almost 6 years and take it with me everything I go. MAH is my favorite brand!

Eliza Lozan

The message conveyed by MAH creations is one of femininity, of beauty. They make you feel good and comfortable wearing them. MAH collections exude sensitivity, love of colors; they are true portable "painting works". Due to the use of various materials, of the best quality they give a fluid outfit, which leads you to the thought of transparency.

nana Pîrva

I love love love my Mah Collection dresses, kimonos and headbands! I discovered Mah Collection as part of the AWA Fashion Show earlier this year. I was absolutely stunned with the breezy, sophisticated style of the clothes and especially that they fit me so well. Every shape can wear these dresses. I honestly didn't think there were designers in Singapore that I could wear but Mah Collection took the time to make sure I had styles that would not just fit but really flatter my frame. I was so pleased also to add the silk kimono style to my wardrobe. With savvy help from Ondina, I was able to add the beautiful silk pieces to dresses or jeans in a super stylish way. I was really impressed with the Ondina's vision for just me and she made me feel really special wearing their clothes. Do not miss out on following this amazing designer!

Andrea McKenna Brankin


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