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Shopping for unique, independent fashion in Singapore? Hit Mad About Hue’s new showroom

We love stumbling across unique, independent designers in Singapore, and Mad About Hue (that’s MAH collection for short) is one of our new favourites.
Founded by designer Ondina Montgomery – who hails originally from Denmark – the label collaborates with international artists, designers and photographers to create one-of-a-kind unique conceptual prints on silk scarves, dresses and much more. They’re all available to shop online at or by dropping by their fab showroom (check it out in the gallery below!).



Keen to find out more, we met Ondina at her beautiful shophouse studio on McNair Road to discover her story and ogle at the gorgeous designs on display (and her well-behaved pooch, Murphy).

How did the wonderful Mad About Hue first begin?
I started Mad About Hue (MAH) by creating a humble scarf that tells a story. I had a vision to unite art with science to create wearable fashion.

Tell me about more about what makes your ranges so special.
I like to work with materials that make people feel fantastic, like silk and satin blends or extremely soft cottons. Prices range from $160-340, depending on the quality. Most of our accessories and ready to wear pieces are very exclusive with production of 25-50 pieces per design.

Talk me through the idea behind starting up your beautiful showroom and online retail space.
The company has always had an online presence. We are striving to create a special feel for each collection and each artist we involve, and show the details we put into creating unique items. Our editorial campaigns with the added videos and behind the scenes shots show the essence of this.

Recently I felt the need to have a studio where clients could come to view the pieces and get styling tips. It makes it all the more personal when they meet the designer and get a chance to hear the story behind each scarf or ready to wear piece.

Since living in Asia, have you drawn any design inspiration from the local culture?
I love colour, so living in Asia has given me access to exotic colour inspirations, symbols and the customs of new cultures. Inevitably, this has influenced my designs through prints, patterns and colours.

How would you describe your personal style? Has that evolved since moving to this part of the world?
My style is elegant yet relaxed. I like to experiment with different materials, textures and prints in my creations. Although I make accessories suitable for other international climates, I like to keep the Singapore line suited to the humid weather.

Designer, brand-founder and mum-to-be Ondina, with her adorable pup Murphy

Designer, brand-founder and mum-to-be Ondina, with her adorable pup Murphy

What draws you to the artists you collaborate with and why?
I wanted to create a platform for artists who wanted to show their creations in a different forms – such as the textile version of art. I started with Jim Frazier, an Australian cinematographer and took inspiration in his crystal art landscapes.

Noko Tosa, a Japanese media artist who we collaborated with, is a professor at Kyoto University and exhibited at the ASM earlier this year.

Next year, our upcoming collection will be in collaboration with Peter Parks, a 3D specialist from the UK.

Overall, I like to collaborate with artists who create their work through scientific processes, so that art and science melds together to create fashion.

Finally, do you have a style mantra you live by? If so, what and why? 
Style is more important than fashion. Fashion dies but style lives forever!

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