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Ondina MontgomeryOndina Montgomery

Accessories designer and founder of MAH Collection
Showroom: 81 McNair Road, Townerville

Singapore 328554 

Tell us a little about your background – what did you study and what path led you to founding MAH Collection?
I grew up in Denmark surrounded by inspiring design and architecture with very creative parents my father being a sculptor. I’ve always had a passion for design and after finishing my interior design studies I developed a passion for textiles.

What brought you to Singapore, and how is the Lion City treating you?
My husband and I moved to Singapore in 2010. As a leading city in Asia, Singapore has had a great influence on my artistic development. It is a city with so many interesting heritage sights and colorful blends of cultures that has inspired me to create beautiful collections. Here I have found great friendships and wonderful people that have helped me not only professionally but to better understand a foreign culture.

What are your favourite spots in the city?
I like more authentic heritage spots such as Haji Lane, Tiong Bahru and Joo Chiat areas. Those places are like windows back in time and remind me of what Singapore once must have been like.

Ondina Montgomery

Can you explain a bit on the process that goes into making your scarves? What materials are you working with?
I work mostly with silks and silk blends. The scarves are first conceptualized on paper then on a design program that later is made into a digital print on the textile. A handful of very talented people will then make the scarves in a small workshop.

Where do you draw creative inspiration from?
I draw inspiration in all the beautiful things around me and mostly my travels around the world . I take photographs to which I later refer to. It takes a great deal of observation and study to create unique prints.


Ondina Montgomery

Ondina Montgomery

What drew you to the location of your home?
I endeavor to surround myself with everything that has a soul and a certain uniqueness. I need that for me to function creatively. My home is a very important element in my life. The old federation houses that once were used as military quarters have both vintage yet romantic look to them.

How would you describe your place, and what do you like best about it? 
I designed the house with a feel and touch of French sophistication. I gathered elements I found in different parts of the world. There is my showroom that is now open to public where I both work and showcase my products. Then I have a elegant living room looking onto a small but exotically lavish garden with a customized French lion feet bathtub. The high ceilings and the exposed beams give the place an airy feel that would be impossible to achieve living in a city apartment. The kitchen is petite but highly functional and is positioned to overlook the tropical garden with the spiral staircase acting as a feature. On the second floor there are three more rooms – a very large living room that opens onto a large verandah with rustic wooden floors. The upstairs bedroom also opens onto the garden and I have a workroom I use when I am not in the downstairs showroom.

What of your personalities can we see in it?
Surprise is the word to best describe it. I want the person travelling through my space to feel like they are in a journey where unexpected elements will pop up and delight.

Ondina Montgomery

Ondina Montgomery

Where are you favourite places to shop for interiors?
I don’t really shop for interiors. I take inspiration of current trends from international magazines but having access to a range of manufacturers so I create my own fabrics and furniture. The elements that I collect and make part of my surroundings are objects that make my eye travel. Many of them I discovered by chance.

What is your most beloved possession?
One item that means a lot to me is an Edwardian sofa that I once found in a terrible state at an auction in Australia. I had the woodwork restored and upholstered it with a beautiful Florence Broadhurst fabric. I like the flattering curvature of this piece and the lavishness it inspires. That said I am fond of most things in my house because they all have a story to tell.

Ondina Montgomery

Do you think style and taste can be taught?
I think true style is something you’re born with and it can only be refined with age and experience. Taste is definitively something that can be taught but it takes a great deal of experimenting and it takes a slight pinch of bravery.

Ondina Montgomery


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