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MAHCOLLECTION: Venus In The Shell Preview

MAHCOLLECTION: Venus In The Shell Preview
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November is upon us! As the year-end parties start rolling in, I catch a preview into what’s new in the scene. Let’s start with fashion.

MAH Collection: Venus In The Shell Preview

 Singapore-based designer, Ondina Montgomery, held a preview to her new collection at her residence on 1 November. The fact that MAH stands for Mad About Hue says everything. Her latest collection, Venus In The Shell, includes apparel and accessories in ruby red, powder pink & mint green. This previous interior designer’s talent for juxtaposing geometric patterns with soft ethereal materials comes through strongly. A mix of strong Portugese and Peranakan tile motifs, alongside elaborate European influences, repeat across soft silk robes. Although impressive work has gone into garment construction and intricate beading, producing great silhouettes, the pieces are effortlessly comfortable to wear.

I try on a red silk robe with a plain yellow collar and love how it goes nicely with my cheongsam. Also by a Singaporean designer, I had first debuted this cheongsam in Stylo Milo Style Avengers In Triologie. MAH Collection’s red silk robe feels wonderful against my skin. Furthermore, I love how it can either be cinched at the waist or breezily let out.

 Next I try on a mint robe with a beaded collar while May twins with a patterned robe. We are delighted with how the clashing colours and prints work. What’s more, we are pleased we can feast heartily with these forgiving cover-ups. May had previously featured my husband & me in a food story when she was writing for the Business Times. As such, food is typically something we discuss when we meet.


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