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Singapore based fashion and accessories design house Mad About Hue (MAH) is one to watch out for in 2014. Its latest collection “Sound Of Ikebana” continues the brand’s reputation for merging art and science. For this collection, MAH collaborated with the acclaimed Japanese media artist Naoko Tosa. This collection “reinforces the notion that the silhouette is a blank canvas and each scarf is a painting.”

MAH is a unique collective that unites international artists, designers, and photographers performing between Art and Science creating Fashion. MAH produces accessories and ready to wear collections that have attracted viewers worldwide. The philosophy behind the company is to “lovingly hand-make not anonymously mass-produce it”. With the aesthetic statement, “SCIENCE + ART become FASHION” Mad About Hue is all about prints, colors, and individuality creating wearable art pieces. Launching on Valentine’s Day, the collection of youthful scarves and silk cover-ups express Japanese color tradition and culture through digital technology.

The designers of this limited collection were inspired by a series of four eponymous videos shot at 2000 frames per second, capturing the explosion of kaleidoscopic paints generated from the sound waves from Haiku poems sung by the artist. The collection of 20 prints interprets each of the four seasons through fluid color, and the results are something that MAH founder Ondina Montgomery recognized as a unique hybrid of art and science.

“Sound of Ikebana “collection pieces are available online at


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