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MAH Collection Fall 2020/2021 FOLK

MAH Collection Fall 2020/2021 FOLK
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SINGAPORE, 20 September 2019 - Ready-To-Wear and accessories brand MAH Collection launches “FOLK”, a fairytale inspired collection that mixes traditional motifs and embroideries into wearable canvases that encapsulates the essence of free spirits and bold personalities.

This season, Ondina Montgomery, designer of MAH Collection the Singapore-based brand, takes inspiration from folklore and combines beautiful ethnic prints and bold tones with a strong play on textures to create “FOLK”. The floral, embroidery and religious motives behind the designs bring to life the stories of long forgotten traditions and femininity preserved through symbols and ornaments. “FOLK” taps into these ancient geometric symbols revealing the sacred energy, heart and soul they represented to peasants and infusing them into modern stylish fashion. “The collection is a personal take on ancient symbols and using modern digital printing techniques to revive fading traditions, Ondina said. “The Cross as an ornament is a symbol of balance. Its horizontal beam is emblematic of our human connections; and the vertical beam is a reminder of a connection with a higher being. Carving the cross symbol on objects, painting them on houses, or stitching symbols on to clothes helped the peasants symbolically create a shield to protect themselves against evil spirits.” To accentuate the rich iconography of the range, the seasons Look Book was photographed in the ancient ruins of the Romanian village Enisala. The arid landscape of the medieval fortress is the perfect foil for the intricate detailing and bold palette of the collection.

About Ondina Montgomery, founder-designer of MAH Collection

Ondina comes from an interior design background and developed a passion for textiles and patterns in her work. She started her label MAH Collection with a scarf range followed by several themed kaftans and ready-to-wear, limited-edition capsules. Ondina’s passion lies in unique pieces that will amaze and inspire the wearer. Always aware of her surroundings both in her everyday life and travels, she takes inspiration from beautiful and unique things found along the way. Intricate detailing lies at the heart of Ondina’s designs. From the stitching to the prints and choice of materials, each element comes together to form the Brand signature. Living in Asia has provided Ondina with an enormous source of inspiration through the amalgam of cultures and influences she discovers around her every day.

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