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Mad About Hue is home to stunning limited edition scarves designed by a talented selection of artistic collectives from around the world. Their backgrounds range from interior design to international artists, designers, and photographers. This unique concept was devised by Ondina Montgomery, an interior designer who has always shared a love for fashion and science. Drawn to the idea of creating a product with a blend of art and science meant that in 2013 Mad About Hue was born. Each collection contains limited edition styles - it's against their ethos to mass-produce art. We spoke to Ondina about the label's inspirations, undeniably beautiful creations, and mystical campaigns...

Could you tell us about Mad About Hue and how it began? As an interior designer, I have developed a deep passion for textiles so I started to make patterns and then translate them into textiles. I started Mad About Hue with a business philosophy: Art + Science = Fashion! Mad About Hue is a platform for artistic creations, offering itself as a home for artists seeking new inspiration such as accessories, ready-to-wear or simply works of art.

How did you make the transition to scarves? After graduating from the Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore I wanted to do something creative and had the idea of creating fashion by fusing art with science. I had a dream to create a federation of artists and designers that could inspire the brand to create patterns to fascinate and inspire. For me the creative representation of the artist’s work on a scarf is wearable art. Mad About Hue is a hotbed creativity and establishes a definitive link between Art and Science. I've always loved scarves and I felt that there was no better way to combine my love for art and aesthetics with my passion for beautiful and unusual things – for me they create the perfect canvas.

How did you decide on the catchy name? Because I am Mad About Hues! I've always been drawn to colours to convey a story or mood. Mad About Hue is colourful, audacious and each collection tells a new story. I think the name reflects that.

How would you describe the Mad About Hue consumer? Artistic and individual. She likes luxury and appreciates owning something special. Unique.

How does the design process work? Each year a collection of 12 images are produced by a different artist. I love to work with a broad range of artists, designers and photographers who share my interest and passion for unique pieces - I work with artists whose creations and aesthetics I admire.

Tell us about Mad About Hue’s current campaign, Sound of Ikebana... Our latest collection is a collaboration with acclaimed Japanese artist Naoko Tosa. The collection of youthful scarves and silk cover-ups translate expressions of Japanese colour tradition and culture through digital technology. A collection of 20 prints interpret each of the seasons through fluid colour. The results are a unique hybrid of art and science. In January the ArtScience Museum mapped the designs onto the building, which was really spectacular. Check it out here.

Only up to 100 pieces made per design makes each style truly unique! Yes, I've always supported quality over mass production and Mad About Hue product is no different. We liken our pieces to Objet d'art (works of art), so it made sense to follow an art philosophy when it came to the number of pieces created. It means that the Mad About Hue consumer knows that what she is buying isn't only high quality, but truly a rare, unique item that she can cherish always.

Which design is your current favourite and why? That's like asking someone to name their favourite child! (laughs). I can't choose just one, but I will say that Harmony and Orchidee particularly stand out.

If you could choose anyone to be the face of Mad About Hue, who would it be and why? Monica Bellucci. She is so beautiful and unique - just like my scarves!

Ondina what makes you feel Spoilt? Being the proud co-creator of every single Mad About Hue scarf!


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